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Mount St. Benedict Holy Shop Trinidad and Tobago
Exclusive and Unusual Gifts
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Our Lady Of Exile Messenger Bag
US$35.00 TT$220.00
Mount St. Benedict Insulated Cooler Bag
US$35.00 TT$220.00
Mount St. Benedict Briefcase
US$35.00 TT$220.00

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Holy Spirit Mug
US$17.00 TT$107.00
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Frosted Mug
frosted mug
US$25.00 TT$157.00
St. Benedict Stein (beer mug)
US$25.00 TT$157.00
St. Michael Stainless Steel Travel Mug
US$25.00 TT$157.00
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Ash Grey Tee Shirt
US$30.00 TT$189.00
Caribbean Regional Seminary Mouse Pad
US$15.00 TT$94.00

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