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Synopses of books in alphabetical order by title 


A Treasury of Prayers

This handy, pocket-size book has more than fifty devotional prayers for a variety of occasions: Prayer to Saint Joseph, Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, Prayer in Time of Sickness, Prayer for a Family, Act of Contrition, Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love,...



An Hour with Jesus

The bountiful graces of Eucharistic Adoration are flowing thanks to a widespread revival of this beautiful devotion. This booklet was designed to enhance your time spent with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It includes a prayer format to use in Adoration with rosary meditations, prayers and spontaneous meditation topics. 120pp.



Are You Spirit-Filled or Running On Empty?




Bones Of Contention

A popular consideration of topics about things that are important to Catholics. Fr. John Bolderson, includes ideas about such subjects as inclusive language, capital punishment, clerical celibacy and many more thought provoking topics, that the average Catholic has thought about. 142 pgs.




This booklet explains gifts of the Holy Spirit.



Failure in Your Life

Fr. DeGrandis shows us that it is possible to find Jesus in our failures and help to overcome them.



Gods Armor

Mankind is currently in the midst of a spiritual war. In the current maelstrom, in the challenges of such an era, in the danger of demonism, there can be no more important book than this. Its a book that every Catholic should read. 196pp



Growing in Jesus

Helpful for those who are broken and seeking healing, health, and wholeness in relationships.



Healing and Catholics

A short guide to understanding how healing takes place when we ask for it.



Healing of Self-Image

This book provides reasons for poor self-image and teaches you how to heal your self image.



Healing the Broken Heart

How to heal through forgiveness of: God; yourself; family members, friends.



Healing the Father Relationship

Every father or father-to-be should read this booklet. It stresses the importance and special experience of the father relationship.



Healing Through the Mass

This book explains the Mass and presents every Mass as a healing service.



How to Move A Mountain In Seven Easy Steps




In The End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

This inspirational and spiritually enriching consecration prayer book has literally transformed hundreds of thousands of lives. Youll find daily recommended prayers, guidance, direction and meditation for 33 days to prepare you for your consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also included are the prayers and instructions for praying the Chaplet of Virtues. 96pp



Inner Healing Through the Stations of the Cross

Biblical and personal reflections on each station that will guide you to deep inner healing.



Integrating Healing in the Parish Community

This booklet should be given to each member in your parish. It stresses healing as a community.



Introduction to Inner Healing

This booklet is an excellent introduction to whet ones appetite on the subject of Inner Healing.



Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith is a Catholic marriage preparation book for engaged couples. Deacon Roy Barkley points out through out the book the need for education in this journey. Couples are coming to the church to get help to prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony in the spirit of inquiry and obedience to their faith. Our society has changed. This books purpose is to bring a better understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony and to help couples understand their commitment, plus teaching on the Catholic marriage. 120 pgs



Liturgical Abuse

Did you know that studies indicate that over 70% of Catholics do not believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? Is this threat to the church in part do to the lack of devotion to and respect for the Real Presence? This book explores the differences between Rome and the dioceses. The book further makes suggestions on how we the people in the pews can show a greater respect to Jesus in the Real Presence and help to secure it. Youll want copies to give to your friends as a loyal evangelizer. The cover of this book depicts the fading of obedience to Rome.



Lord Jesus, Teach Me to Pray

Written especially for beginners, Sr. Lucy Rooney and Fr. Robert Faricy have distilled four centuries of retreat experience based on The Scriptural Exercises of St. Ignatius into simple steps that help the beginner grow in loving and being loved by God. Each of the forty-nine ways of praying suggested here only takes a few minutes a day. 128pp



Miracle Hour

This wonderful booklet has helped over 700,000 people implement a daily prayer routine. The author provides a quick and easy method of spending five minutes per prayer 12 times a day. Imprimatur. 48pp



Miracle Moments

This book is an invitation to prayer that will help us to see, know and experience the heart of God as He moves within His people. These are simple prayers to reveal a profound love. Some of the topics include: relationships, healing, harmful habits, marriage, failure, and more. 48pp



Pray! Pray! Pray!

In this comprehensive prayer book youll find an assortment of all types of prayers collected in one easy-to-find place for all your prayer needs. This beautiful prayer book is filled with Holy Hour prayers, Novenas, Sacramentals, Scriptural Meditations, Spiritual Poems, Holy Pictures, Rosary, Litanies, and much more. Imprimatur. 172pp



Prayer Groups

Do you or someone you know want to start a prayer group? This is the ideal book for anyone interested in learning how. This book provides the information on the how, why, when, and where of beginning and sustaining a prayer group. 64pp



Prayers of Power

A beautiful collection of prayers from the day-to-day prayers and the tradition of the Church to those spontaneously used in charismatic prayer groups. 213pp



Prayers of Power II

Another volume of prayers intended to lead readers to an ever more profound personal experience of the merciful love of God through prayer. 306pp



Psalms for all seasons

How can the psalms, those ancient Hebrew songs of praise, speak to today's believers? Can these prayers enhance the prayer life of such believers? By examining fifty-five psalms, the author demonstrates how these prayers can speak to different stages in...



Psalms for troubled times

These thoughtful, inspiring reflections on the psalms of lamentation comment on their themes of suffering, sorrow, sin, repentance, anguish, and anger in a creative way. Through his reflections, Reverend Morse shares the revelation that, while often dark,...



Receiving Holy Eucharist

Renew your appreciation and devotion to the cornerstone of the Catholic Faith. Includes preparation, prayers, and Scripture readings.



Renewed by the Holy Spirit

These compelling stories of nine priests whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit should be given to every priest.



Resting in the Spirit

What does it mean to rest in the Spirit? Fr. DeGrandis gives us powerful insight into the realm of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



Rosary of Liberation

The Rosary of Liberation is based on the Word of God and should be prayed with faith for the glory of the powerful name of Jesus Christ and to seek healing, salvation and liberation. Contains many powerful testimonies which can be attributed to praying this Rosary. 135 pp



So, You Really Want To Get To Heaven?




Ten Commandments of Prayer

A booklet on some of the fundamentals of prayer for those who are beginning a prayer life.



The Contemplative Way of Prayer

The Contemplative Way of Prayer is a simple and easy-to-use guide for anyone seeking a more profound experience of God through contemplative prayer. 112pp



The Gift of Miracles

Here are testimonies of modern-day miracles worked through the sacraments, the intercession of Mary, and the expectant prayer of Catholics. 160pp



The Gift of Prophecy

Includes Ten Guidelines of Prophecy, Scriptures on Prophecy, and more.



The Gift of Tongues

Answers questions about this gift and provides numerous personal testimonies of Catholics.



The Gold Book of Prayers

An all-time best-selling treasury of contemporary and traditional prayers including a beautiful Scriptural Rosary, Jesus Rosary, litanies, and Seven Sorrows Chaplet. Excellent for prayer groups or individual use. 96pp.



The Healing of a Fathers Blessing

The author reminds us that blessings can be from God to men, and from men to men. They can be from our Heavenly Father and by our human fathers. 64pp



The Holy Rosary

By explaining the scriptural background concerning some of the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary the reader will be blessed with a deeper awareness and understanding of Judaism and Christianity. Charles Hoffman, a convert from Orthodox Judaism, explains that all the important elements of Jewish belief are rooted in the Rosary. 48pp



The Power of Healing Prayer

Through this book, Fr. DeGrandis helps you to discover that all healing starts with God.



The Real Presense of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist is Gods greatest gift to mankind! Fr. DeGrandis gives us amazing insights into the Holy Eucharist and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This book is a powerful tool you will use again and again to strengthen your faith and the faith of others.



Thirty Favorite Novenas

Short novena prayers to Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Gerard, St. Rita, St. Therese, Holy Angels, Poor Souls, etc.



Thought waves to God and back

The simple, unswerving faith one senses on reading these meditations can help all who reach out to a loving God for help and guidance. This book is written in the form of a dialogue. Each passage begins with a short quotation from the Bible.



To Forgive Is Divine

This book takes the reader through the Ten Commandments of Forgiveness, pointing the way to a fuller, more meaningful Christian life.



To Love Is to Forgive

Inspiring stories from people on what forgiveness means to them.



Why You Should Pray in Tongues




Word of Knowledge: A Charismatic Gift

A clearer understanding of this charismatic gift will enable you to more adequately communicate healing prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.



Young Peoples Forgiveness Prayer

This booklet is designed to help teenagers and young adults to enter into deep forgiveness. It focuses on specific aspects of life that affect the young.


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